Lunch Lady Lou

Lunch Lady Lou creates and delivers beautiful food with heart and soul, for time poor Sydney-siders who give a darn about what they eat. Lou’s food is healthy, fresh, full of flavour, creative and the talk of the table.

Lou, the Founder of Lunch Lady Lou is a self taught cook on a mission to create community through good food and transform how we think about, cook and eat our food.

As an ex-corporate of 10 years, Lou was fed up with the average soggy and salty salads being served in CBD cafes. She noticed the direct effect average food had on her mood, performance at work and the rest of her day. A health scare had Lou reconsider how she wanted to live her life. She flicked the corporate job, and set out on an epic mission to follow her heart, and put good food in your stomach.

Lou is passionate about getting back to basics with cooking. Using simple fresh ingredients and a bit of imagination.

Lou caters regularly for corporate offices around Sydney and wellness retreats. She runs private and corporate cooking classes and partners with corporate wellness providers to deliver wellness packages to Sydney based companies.

Her recipes and meal prep tips have appeared online in Vogue Australia, Body + Soul, 1 Million Women and many more.

About the food 

Fresh, seasonal and delicious. 

Lou cooks what is exciting at the markets. In her creations you may find, an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs, beautiful free-range meats, wholegrains, house-made cheeses, nuts, seeds, inventive dressings and love.

No preservatives, additives or refined sugars. Diets aren't our thing, but we can cater for yours and offer a range of gluten free and dairy free items too. Food is beautifully presented in eco-friendly packaging.


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