Fermenting for Beginners Workshop

Learn the foundations of fermenting at home to make Sauerkraut and Kimchi….

and then throw it all out the window and freestyle with veggies in your crisper. In this masterclass, you get both the classical recipes and the experimental.


In this masterclass you’ll learn to put to good use your overflowing veggie draw, make a gut friendly living jar of goodness AND save a buttload of cash.





  • How to safely make your own sauerkraut and kimchi, plus many flavour combo’s you can experiment with.

  • How to transfer your sauerkraut and kimchi making skills into fermenting ANY vegetable you want to.

  • Why eating fermented foods is so beneficial for our health and gut health.

  • What equipment and ingredients you need to make this happen… it’s already in your pantry.

  • How to save so much cash by making your own ferments from veggies in your fridge.

  • The basics of fermenting and how to safely ferment your own veggies, without the ferment killing you or you killing it.

  • What to do once you’ve made your batch, in the days and weeks following.

  • What to do if you think you’ve stuffed it up and how to get back on track.


  • 1 x fermenting masterclass with Lunch Lady Lou (pre-recorded), cook along and ask all your questions. Valued $99

  • 2 x follow up classes on what to do once you’ve made your ferment (pre-recorded). Consider this from day 2 until day 30 – or you decide to put your ferment in the fridge. Value $80

  • A fermenting recipe book + guide, with recipes for sauerkraut, kimchi and different flavour combo’s to try. Plus Lou’s favourite recipe ideas for how and where to use your new ferments. Value $34

  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can ask Lou all your questions. Value $200

  • Instant access to the course, the classes and the recipe books, so you can start fermenting today!

  • Lifetime access to this information AND any updates Lou makes to the content… so as the course grows into more, you get the benefits of being an early bird.



Q: How long do I have to watch the classes?

A: As long as you want, as many times as you want. The content is hosted on a membership site where you can login and access this information for the lifetime the course is available (if it closes, you’ll be given sufficient notice to save the information to your personal files).

Q: Do I need Facebook?

A: No you don’t.

Q: What is fermenting?

A: Fermenting is sourdough, beer, wine, cheese, miso, soy, kimchi, kombucha…. to name a few. Fermenting is a form of ‘food preserving’ which was very common in Australia until we began our reliance on processed packaged food. Fermenting is the combination of vegetables (or fruit), salt, spices and sometimes water to change the ‘structure’ of the vegetable. In this case, good bacteria is grown and changes the structure of the vegetable making certain vitamins and nutrients more readily available. It is said that fermenting ‘pre-digests’ the vegetable for us, making the goodness of the vegetable more readily available and easy for our body to absorb.

Q: Why should I care about fermenting my food?

A: Fermented foods feed our gut with good bacteria. The bacteria in our gut is fed and multiplied by what we eat.

– If your diet is full of fresh fruit, veggies, wholegrains etc… your good bacteria is fed and multiplied.
– If your diet is full of fast food, crappy oils, processed crap… your bad bacteria is fed and multiplied.

All disease begins in the gut and it’s how we choose to feed our bacteria that makes the difference. Including fermented foods in your diet can help with a range of digestive issues, or it can simply help you stay healthy.

Q: Can’t I just buy my ferments?

Yep. Most people buy their ferments, which range in price for $12 – $20 or even $30. What most don’t realise is fermenting is very simple to do yourself. It’s a great way to connect in with your cooking mojo and build your confidence in the kitchen. You’ll access your creativity which will help you put together beautiful food combinations without needing a recipe (everyone’s dream goal).

Fermenting at home can help you save money by using up odd bits of vegetables that you may otherwise forget about and end up in the bin.

Q: Does fermenting take a long time?

A: Your time investment can be as quick as 5 – 10 minutes. Chuck it in a jar and you’re off. You will need to check on your jar daily, which will take 30 seconds – 1 minute. Then it’s up to you how long you leave you jar out before placing it in the fridge. Once it’s in the fridge, your job is done.