A guide to stocking your pantry

In this guide, I’ll take you through how I stock my pantry so it works for me. Meaning I’m only ever a few ingredients away from a quick throw together meal, whether it’s a spagetti bolognese, a quick curry or some flatbreads.


A pantry stores not so perishable foods and flavour for you to build your meals upon. A pantry is your bulky meal filler builder, easy flavour source and an essential building block of a kitchen. I try to interchange my ingredients regularly, sauces, spices, pastes are my favourite. If there are ingredients on here you haven’t heard of. Take this list and go find them.

Stock your pantry well and all you need at the shops is fresh produce and maybe some meat/dairy. Better yet if sh*t hits the fan and you don’t have time to get to the shops, you’ll be able to make a meal in a pinch from your pantry.

Build your pantry slowly. Respect the space you have and the contents of it. Keep it organised – but don’t fret if it looks ‘lived in’.

This list is a start, it’s here to inspire not constrict.


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