Flourless Chocolate Cake


As a cook I have a lot of recipes. Scribbled bits of paper with brain wave flavour combo's, too many notes in my iPhone and screen shots of words or images that triggered my memory of a forgotten vegetable. Cooking is a creative process and one that requires more than just a few ingredients. It's art.

But the one thing I have ONLY ONE recipe for is one that will never get old. It's been made for friend's birthdays, my husbands birthday, charity morning teas, team celebrations and.... just because. You could even make it for yourself this Valentines Day. Self love should be your number 1 priority after all. 

Introducing, the only healthy decadent super tasty real food FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE recipe you'll ever need. 

This cake is rich. It's thick. Yet it melts in your mouth.It's for the 85% or 100% rich dark chocolate lovers, yet easily weakened with lashings of sweet berries and any type of cream/yoghurt.

Flourless Chocolate Cake