Introducing: Shut Up and Cook! Your guide to getting back to basics in the kitchen, a beginners guide to cooking and beginning your journey to cooking better food that’s delicious and good for you.

Life is full these days and it seems to be the first thing we drop is the cooking thing. The problem is that cooking good food is your ticket out to juggle all those other balls that need juggling.

I believe, if you cook food for yourself at home – you’re ultimately 10 steps ahead of the person who buys packaged foods or takeaway.

In my eyes, it doesn’t even matter if what you cook is a tray of crispy potatoes (who’s complaining there) and that’s it. You’re already winning, because you made it, you put the energy in, you know what’s in it and there’s no funky veggie oils, crazy amount of table salt or weird vibes from a takeaway shop assistant who needs a good shower. Good food is your energy. Home cooking helps you save money, stick to a budget and go on more holidays.But how, when everything else gets in the way of you remembering to go to the shops and when you’re searching for a recipe that’s quick, you only find 5 hour slow roasted pork or ingredients that require 12 hours of marinating or soaking or sprouting.



Over 9 days we’ll reset your kitchen.

  • BOOBYTRAP YOUR PANTRY + FRIDGE: I’ll show you what to stock in your pantry and fridge to keep it working for you. Meaning, when you walk in the door at 6.30pm, you’ll know you have ingredients to make a meal that’s faster to serve up than ordering UberEats.

  • KITCHEN HACKS: I’ll share my best tips for speeding up how you cook your meals and general ‘holy sh*t I never even thought of that’ moments that you won’t be able to help yourself but fall in love with cooking (even though you don’t really want to…. or do you..).

  • 5 DAY MEAL PLAN: We’ll make breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and something sweet. This is auto-pilot mode for an easy week.

  • STEP BY STEP VIDEO CLASSES: You’ll get me on your screen showing you exactly how to cook up the basic building block recipes every home cook needs to know. These recipes are the launch point for so many meals, you’ll laugh at how simple cooking CAN BE, once you know what is actually going on inside that pot.

  • RECIPE EBOOK: 30ish recipes, yours to download, print, scribble on, splash tomato sauce all over (like the pro’s do) and reference over and over again. Filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweet treats.

  • KITCHEN CONFIDENCE: None of the above matters if you don’t have the confidence. I teach you how to think in the kitchen, what to do when you don’t feel like it, what to do when you think you’ve stuffed it up, what to do when you want to throw in the towel and hire a private chef.

  • DITCHING THE PACKET FOODS: You’ll learn how to read the back of a packet so you can determine whether it’s fit for your temple (body). You’ll learn the good, better, best of buying packet food AND you’ll learn how to cook the wholefood from scratch version of the 10 most commonly purchased packet foods, that are easier and cheaper for you to make yourself.

  • FOOD SAFETY: ‘If in doubt, throw it out’ – not anymore, there’ll be no doubt. You’ll have the knowledge to know what’s what in your fridge, when to freeze, how to safely defrost, how to use your senses to determine what’s going on in that container and when its necessary to chuck. This knowledge alone can save you over $2500 a year on your grocery bill.


… and get your sh*t together in the kitchen, for good!




INTRODUCING: Shut Up and Cook!

    Introducing: Shut Up and Cook! Your guide to getting back to basics in the kitchen, a beginners guide to cooking and beginning your j...
Hey I'm Lou

Hey, I’m Lou

Back in 2013 I bought healthy salad delivery to busy women in the Sydney CBD. Mama to BJ. Lover of crispy bacon, popcorn and BYO’ing my own cashew milk to cafe’s for my coffee. My mission: to empower you in the kitchen to cook simple meals, so you can nourish your family – even when you’re busy AF because you (and they) are worth it. On this site you’ll find family-friendly recipes that are simple to make and delicious. Enjoy.

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