This apple crumble recipe is getting a makeover. It’ll be back shortly.

How to make an apple crumble

Apple crumbles just scream ‘winter’ don’t they? The best bit about this recipe, besides its ultimate dee-lish factor is that it’s super easy to make. The time involved is it cooking, which means you can pop it on when you start dinner and it’s ready to roll when you are.  But before we get to the apple crumble recipe. A little back story about crumbles.I can remember my gran making rhubarb crumble every time we went over for dinner. Everyone loved it. Everyone except for me. And that’s not because I’d tried it and decided it didn’t taste nice. From what I remember I just out right refused to eat it. Yeah, I was that kind of kid. I wasn’t anti dessert though. I had my eyes fixed on custard and sprinkles. It was my dessert of choice. I’d fill the bowl with custard, sprinkle with hundred’s and thousand’s then let the custard sit until the rainbow colours ran through the custard and made a colourful custard rainbow.  It was the best. I also did this with Neapolitan ice-cream.  

Although knowing that my gran was a pretty good cook has left me wondering what that crumble tasted liked. This winter apple crumble is warming and made of the best ingredients. If there was a choice between this and a supermarket packet cake, I know which one I’d choose. Apples are so cheap and amazing at the moment, so dig in to this recipe asap! 





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