How to make ghee


How to make ghee

Yeah, I know. Who has the time to make their own ghee?But seriously, it's SUPER SIMPLE and another set and forget recipe. The kind of recipe that I endorse 100% are the easy ones.

4 reasons to get more ghee in your life

  1. It's easy to make and you'll feel like you've accomplished something HUGE. Visitors will be in your kitchen, questioning the butter lookalike jars on your benchtop and you'll get to brag that yes, you make your own ghee. Hashtag total-kitchen-domestic-rockstar-masterchef-rules-legend.

  2. It's pretty cheap. Butter is about $9 per kilo at the moment, if you compare that to buying coconut oil, it's close to half the price.

  3. Ghee tastes buttery, creamy and yum. Perfect on toast, roasted veggies and in your baking.

  4. Ghee has a high smoke point which means it's great as a substitute to olive oil.

How to make ghee


  • Butter

  • 1 jar, sterilized

  • Cheesecloth

  • A rubber band


  1. Place cheesecloth over the jar and secure with rubber band.

  2. In a heavy based pot, melt butter on a medium heat.

  3. Once butter has melted, it will begin to bubble and splutter (watch out!).

  4. The butter will separate into layers. The top layer will be foamy and white, you can scoop this out or leave it there as it will eventually be drained through the cheesecloth.

  5. As the butter bubbles it will become quite constant, then ease off to close to nothing. Once the butter has stopped bubbling your ghee is ready. This process will continue for approx 25 - 30 minutes.

  6. Remove from heat and pour through cheesecloth.

  7. Leave on the bench until it cools completely. You can keep it in your cupboard for around 6 months or in the fridge for 1 year.