Why being a “bad cook” is a good thing

In the fast results world we live in today where everyone wants everything yesterday and it must be perfect. I believe we’re so use to the highlights reel of everything on social media. We’ve become uncomfortable with doing anything that requires grit ourselves. And if you do realise you are “bad” at something – do you even realise that YOU can make the choice to change?

It’s this weird spot of “I want everything now” and “why would I try because who am I to have it now and I can’t get it now, so why bother“.

And so we do nothing or stay the same and whinge about it or try a tiny little bit, but not too much.

And I’m no different. Where our strengths naturally are, I believe we’re much more okay with being “bad” because we know it’s temporary. But when you’re learning something new or trying so hard to get better – it can be a tough slog at the beginning. Not because you’re “bad” but because your mind says you are.

As the old saying goes. It’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination. So let’s get into today’s thought provoking episode on why being a bad cook is a good thing.



watch: Why being a “bad cook” is a good thing


Read: Why being a “bad cook” is a good thing

PS: this is the notes version. All the goodness is in the video above. Pop your headphones in, go on a walk and get inspired to cook some food.


#1 You may be making mistakes and think that you’re a bad cook because you burnt the chicken or forgot about the rice or added too much salt to the tomato sauce. This isn’t true!

What this tells me is that you’re not following through on the full step of cooking. You’re not learning from your mistakes.

You’re stuck in the part where you’ve made the mistake, and yep, it feels horrible to spend all that time cooking a meal and your family are too honest…. And you know they’re right.

Mistakes are where we learn. When I kept cooking soggy quinoa on our new stove top, I learnt that I now need to cook it for an extra 5 – 10 minutes on top of how I’ve cooked it for the previous 8 years that I’d been cooking it.  If I kept on cooking to packet instructions, I’d think I was a bad cook, but instead I’ve taken the mistake and tested new cooking times to find what works for my stove and my pot.



#2 You’re aware you’re doing something wrong and this is the perfect place to start to do something about it

You’re aware that you’re a bad cook. Which means you’re in the perfect spot to do something about it.

Being a bad cook is optional. And just because you’re not a trained chef or work in food doesn’t mean you need to be a bad cook forever.

Just because your mum wasn’t a good cook, doesn’t mean you need to be a bad cook.

Many people don’t even realise that there’s an option for their ‘bad cooking’. They believe that because they’re them, a busy woman with commitments and a job, that it’s not within their capability to whip up tasty AF meals. But it absolutely is.

Being aware or maybe even sensitive of this subject, puts you in the perfect spot to do something about it.

And if you’re ready to change – my course Ditch the Recipes will be open for enrolment in late January. So you can whip up tasty AF meals with what’s already in your pantry and fridge in 6 weeks. Without over complicated recipes, blowing your grocery budget on ingredients you’ll never use again or wasting hours in the kitchen.

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