Quickled Cucumbers (that’s quick pickled cucumbers)

A bunch of reasons why these quickled cucumbers are the best.

  1. Did I mention they’re quick?

  2. You can flavour them however you like

  3. They’ll last in your fridge for a good week or 2

  4. They’re great to add on salads and meals that need an extra oomph – you could actually have a simple bowl of soba noodles with sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds and these – you’d be happy

  5. To get your cooking senses working! Watch what happens when you slice some veg and add vinegar…. I say this because we can be so caught up in the rules of a recipe and forget to pay attention to what is happening in the kitchen, which is fact, is one big sciencey experiment.

I am all about my flavour bombs – if you don’t know what I’m talking about. A good place to start is by downloading my free ebook.

Flavour bombs are easy flavour you can add with little effort.

Sound good? I thought so.

I love these kinds of quick shortcuts in the kitchen because, we’ve all got lots on our plate and cooking is one of the first things to go. We’ll sub it for takeaway or frozen meals or whatever poor excuse we can when we’re busy.

It doesn’t need to be this way. As I say above in step 4, that meal could be whipped together in under 10 minutes. That’s faster than scrolling and ordering your takeaway.

You can read the Quickled Cucumbers recipe below or watch it in this video, which also feature these Gingery Soba Noodles with Charred Greens.



This Quickled Cucumber recipe is so good, it features in both VeggieREBEL and Kitchen Saucery.


  • Cucumbers – about 1-2 medium size, thinly sliced

  • 1/4 small red onion, thinly sliced

  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar

  • A good pinch ground black pepper

  • Optional: some garlic or ginger

  • Apple cider vinegar


  1. Thin slice your cucumbers and onion. I like to use a mandoline, but a sharp knife will do. Add to a wide mouthed jar.

  2. Add coconut sugar and a crack of black pepper. If you’d like, add some garlic and ginger, grate this using a microplane.

  3. Top with apple cider vinegar around 3/4’s of the way up your cucumbers. Mix with a spoon to coat all ingredients.

  4. Leave to sit for around 30 minutes and watch the cucumbers and onions relax. They’ll reduce in size and soon enough, all your ingredients will be covered by the vinegar.

  5. I like to serve these anywhere I can! On toast with an egg, on top of my gingery soba greens, on top of yellow rice, on top of any salad.




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