5 signs your kitchen confidence is making cooking harder than it needs to be



Do you find cooking, thinking of meal ideas, getting into (and staying in) a meal prep routine and everything else that goes with cooking your meals really hard?


If the answer is Y E S !!!  You’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing the reason why cooking and everything that goes with it is hard for some people. And no, it’s not because you haven’t found that one golden goose recipe that will revolutionise how you cook forever. It’s got nothing to do with a recipe at all or ingredients. It’s your Kitchen Confidence.

Your Kitchen Confidence is the maker or breaker of your time in the kitchen. That is whether it’s easy, in flow and creative. Or maybe it feels hard. Like you can never get into the routine of cooking and there’s always 50 other priorities ahead of it (that seem more important).

It’s like those cool dancing roller skater chicks on Instagram. To dance and skate and time it to music. It takes practice and a whole lotta confidence. They didn’t start out dancing in beat to rave music by the beach, they started out face planting and falling over their own feet. With time, commitment and showing up they got better. Even with the falls. And this is the bit that makes the difference because falling over on your skates (or making a dud meal) are the same.


Every time you fall or fail, you get the opportunity to learn and this is where confidence is built. Kitchen Confidence is not built in the perfect moments.


And if you’re thinking but, I’d cook more and be more organised if only I was a little better at cooking. You’ll be waiting forever. YOU need to go first and then the confidence shows.

It’s like riding a bike, learning to surf, public speaking, driving in the city. You name it, you go first and the confidence follows.


Here are 5 signs your kitchen confidence is making cooking harder than it needs to be. And hint: all those problems above are related to your kitchen confidence.



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Hey, I’m Lou

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