My blog schedule is fairly non-existent, instead I write or create what I’m feeling at the time.  I had no intention to create this recipe because, how many variations can there be?

But I feel this one is worthy of the wait, the failed attempts and the creative photoshoot I had this afternoon.

Anzac Day is here. How good is April in Australia, so many long weekends. I’m looking forward to a sleep in, followed by ugg boots, a book and one of these EPIC Anzac Biscuits with a twist. All I could think about when I thought about baking these oaty, chewy, coconutty bites of awesome is to transform them somehow into another healthy style dessert. Like, a tart with an Anzac Biscuit base or Anzac Biscuit Bliss Balls or an Anzac Biscuit Sandwich. 

Lunch Lady Lou and baking are a hit and miss. It’s not my favourite thing to do – too much science. I prefer not to use recipes and ‘wing it’ or chuck it in and hope for the best kind of cook. Call me rustic if you will.

I usually forget to add something because I have a short attention span and I’m onto the next thing before I’ve finished the last. Truth is. It took me 3 attempts to get this recipe right. 

Attempt #1 – I wasn’t paying attention. I’m not even sure I put any sweetener in and they tasted pretty average. Kind of like eating a spoonful of bicarb. 

Attempt #2 – which FYI, was batch number 1 remastered.  I blended, added sweetener and baked. They were oily and fell a part.. still with an underlying bicarb flavour. 

Attempt #3 – magic. Just as I wanted them. I’m telling you my failures because persistence in cooking is the way you learn. You burn something or make something that tastes fairly horrid, having the patience to figure out where you went wrong is the key to learning, growing and perfecting. 

This Anzac biscuit recipe is now cemented in my brain, along with the steps I need to take to make it right (note – don’t forget the honey). 

Anzac Biscuit Sandwich

This recipe is getting a makeover and will be back soon.



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