2022 in review: My 5 biggest cooking lessons for 2022

Each year I love to look back on what I learnt in the kitchen and see what lessons I need to take with me in the next year.  Here are my 5 biggest cooking lessons for 2022.



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Read: My 5 Biggest cooking lessons for 2022


1. The MVP goes to my slow cooker

Meat and water, in the slow cooker for 6 – 8 hours on low.

A simple bulk cook that’s done and dusted in 5 minutes of my time.

How can it get any better than this?

You end up with slow cooked meat which can be used for many meals. Plus a litre or 2 of bone broth which is a lot cheaper than buying it.

The only caveat is, if you’re cooking in water you need to bring the flavour to the meal after. But I’m happy with that.


2. I spent money on quality condiments to bring flavour and that finished touch.

Quality condiments are where it’s at. Whether it’s an epic mayo, pesto, kimchi, curry paste or some other amazing pickle or dip that I can keep in my fridge for when I’m ready to cook.

Adding a quality condiment takes the pressure off me, which, when I’m busy and tired, I LOVE.

My favourite condiment (if I can call it that) to buy is a quality curry paste. Then it’s a simple onions, curry paste, broth and coconut milk to make a simple curry. Serve it with your bulk slow cooker meat for a quick dinner win.


3. If my fridge and pantry aren’t stocked. Cooking will feel stressful and hard.

This one is a relatively new lesson.

I feel uninspired when there’s nothing to cook. Makes sense right.

We usually have a decent amount of pantry ingredients and veggies, but the meat – I always forget to buy enough meat. Or to plan properly for it. I’ve since put some measures in place to stop this happening, like, schedule ordering the meat in my calendar. And I’ve made extra space in our freezer so I can buy in bulk and store it. Due to where we live, I can’t always get to the butcher each week so it’s better to buy in bulk and visit the butcher every 3 weeks or so.


4. My veggie delivery subscription is the best

I fell in love, even more, with Ooooby My subscription based vegetable/produce delivery.

It’s set and forget. I know the quality is great and they’re buying from local farms.

I’d love to find a butcher I can do this with. ’m researching meat ones right now and thinking of trialing Our Cow. 


5. Things change.

I found it hard to adapt to lockdowns and having my husband home for 3 meals a day plus snacks.

Now I’m adapting back to him only here for 1 meal a day. Plus reminding him to take his lunch and when he forgets managing an extra random box of leftovers,

Having too much food is a problem that’s not lost on me. However, managing our budget, grocery spend and keeping on top of our food waste is still an important role.


That’s it for my 5 biggest cooking lessons for 2022.


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