It’s truth telling time here at Lunch Lady Lou. So here we go, don’t judge.

I have always been terrible at poaching eggs.

There I said it. Today though, I won. I SUCCESSFULLY (and beautifully) poached TWO eggs and at the same time. The second truth, every time I have invited someone over for breakfast I make them poach the eggs.

My poor guests, they think they’re visiting to be fed and watered while they laze around telling me stories. All while I’m slaving over a boiling pot of water poaching their eggs. Well no.

Get in the kitchen AND POACH ME SOME EGGS!

Upon reflection, I have probably only attempted to poach a total of 3 eggs in my life.

Each time they sucked, so I quit. I stopped trying and then created the genius plan to make everyone else poach my eggs for me.

So what changed? I dared to suck and it went like this…I hesitantly cracked the egg into a mug and BOOM a double yolk. Well that was enough for me, I knew these were going to be the best god damn eggs ever.

I carefully poured the mug into the water boiling away on the stove top. Then I cracked my second egg into the mug and BOOM another double yolk. Could this be my lucky day? Then I immediately put the lid on the pot, turned the heat off and waited four long minutes. I eagerly took the lid off and what did I see? Perfect little white bundles of gooey goodness.

So here its goes Lou’s tried and tested, best of the best, real way to poach an egg.

Poached Eggs

Serve with… Corn Fritters

Prep time… 1 minute

Cooking time… 4 minutes

LLL tip… These babies are quick enough to make in the morning for a protein rich breakky.  OR Cook for 2.5 – 3 minutes, then take to work in a tupperware container half filled with water. Pour some boiling water over them for 30 seconds to warm up and eat at work with toast or with your salad/sandwich for lunch.Poached eggs can be stored in water, in the fridge for up to 2 days.


  • Eggs

  • A pot

  • Water

  • A splash of vinegar, what’s a ‘splash’ you ask? About a tablespoonAnd no, it won’t make your eggs taste like vinegar


  1. Fill your pot with water. The water should reach about 6 cm high.

  2. Bring to boil.Not a rapid boiling, just pleasantly bubbling.

  3. Add the splash of vinegar

  4. Prep yo’ eggs: Crack egg #1 into a mug. Don’t rush, one egg per mug at a time please.

  5. Give the water a stir to make a whirlpool effect (yep we’re real technical here) and from a low height just above the water, drop your egg in. Repeat this step for the number of eggs you are cooking. Common sense prevails here, if you have a small pot – maybe only two eggs will fit. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

  6. Immediately put the lid on and turn the heat off.

  7. Wait 4 minutes. Then scoop out and place on paper towel, then onto plate.

What a time saver. Goodbye boiled eggs.

I know what I’m having for breakfast for the next week



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