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7 Signs your recipe rut isn’t actually a recipe rut

  1. You think recipe chips are implanted in our brains, like the latest thermomix. You either know the recipes or you don’t.

    You’ve either go the ‘cooking skills’ or you don’t.

    No. A big fat no. Think of the food shows where Nigel Slater tours the world learning about new cuisines or Anthony Bourdain. They’ve committed seasons and seasons of shows to learning new cuisines, delicacies, skills. So you may argue they were cooks to begin with. What they uncover on those shows is this: “no matter where you live in the world, cooking is an essential part of the home, of life, of your culture, your region, your health. It’s just what they do.”

    Watch any success story (for anything ever, maybe besides Mozart or a child prodigy), what you’ll find in the beginning of any skill, the person was really average.. for quite a while.
    Do you remember learning to walk? Probably not. Instinctively we know to move from crawling to standing to walking. It’s innate in us. Like the drive to eat, because we get hungry. Yet I reckon you learning to walk was a hilarious process for your parents/guardians to watch. I dare say, you sucked for a while.

  2. You’re bored of what you’re cooking and know what would make it better – even the specific flavour bomb you want. but you’re paralysed to do anything about it.

    Get the flavour bomb. Just do it.

    You resisting getting the flavour bomb is more exhausting than actually going to the shops and buying it. I’m serious.

    When we change our habits we are in fact teaching our body a new way of being and doing. So it will feel weird, don’t let this get in your way.

    You’ve had the idea and you know exactly what you need. It’s meant for you. You brain and body want it.

    If you’re stuck: Start with a simple base and a dressing.

  3. When you’re challenged on said recipe rut, you know exactly the thing to do to get out of it.

    “Oh I know, I need to just grocery shop earlier on a Sunday to allow time to cook dinner after” “I’m sick of chicken, I really just need a flavour town punchy balsamic dressing and a bunch of basil”

    Yet, here we are, week 255 of this story and you’re still ruttin’.

    You are not in a recipe rut. You’re in an action rut. Sure there are things on your plate to do, but really? This busy excuse is boring. Do you want to get to the end of your life and think – farrk, I missed out on a lot because I thought I was so busy, I filled my life with the wrong things. I get a vibe a lot of us are heading down that path and maybe that’s what is meant for them. I doubt those people are here reading this. You are though, consider this your intervention.

    Start with doing the thing you said you were going to do. Make it easy for yourself – set a calendar reminder. Better yet, buy the food that is irresistibly exciting to you. Crispy roasted chicken, black beans, sweet potato, goat cheese, beef brisket, a big bowl of guacamole. Buy the ingredients you will be so excited to cook, its what you’re going to think about all week until your scheduled cook day.

  4. You say the words recipe rut multiple times per week.

    Out loud in your head. On blogs. To your partner. you probably even scroll the food people on Insta. You bookmark all the recipes. You have a shelf full of cookbooks. Yet here we are in the age of information, with all the resources in the world. There are more recipes on the internet than you have days left in your life. And you’re telling me you’re in a recipe rut.

    Here’s a start – open the first recipe you find and cook it!

    If you’re short on time – business, work, family, partner, socialising. I want you to stop for a second and think about the times before you were in your current situation. We often move from phase to phase in our life using our current scenario as the reason we’re not doing the things we want to do. Yet, we move to a next phase and we’re still making excuses.

    Life is a long time my friend. You’re human too, eating is essential to living.

    Eating well is essential to living well. These are facts we all know about.

    When you put these 2 things together – I see my pain and want to move through it quickly. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    The definition of a choice is anything that’s going on in your life. It’s there – you are choosing the be busy. You are choosing to make cooking hard. It will be hard for most people when they start – it’s just a reeducation in being human. It will be hard – but not as hard as you’re building it up to be.

  5. Everything in the food world is boring for you. you cant see how a tray of caramelised roasted pumpkin is exciting, or what you could do with it, simply, in under 5 mins.

    You poo poo the simple cooking ideas and equally you won’t make the effort to find a more intricate recipe that floats your boat. You’re bored by the whole thing, the simple, the fancy, the recipe rut…. you point your frustration outwards, instead of looking at the thing that’s holding you back. A C T I O N.

    Try this: really ask yourself what is boring you. you may find it’s your status quo – the inbetween, the dragging of the feet, the making it difficult than it already is. From there: think of a meal that would excite you – crispy pork crackling? roasted beetroot dip. frittata. now go do it.

  6. You expect to know how to cook with applying zero effort.

    This is a self fulfilling prophecy too – because each time it’s again boring, hello Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday…. you say, yep- there we go again, this shit is boring. See Lou, I told you I suck. No friend, you’re pushing shit up hill. This is your doing. I’m reminded of a quote from The Simpsons, the hillbilly mum says “help me doc, I’ve tried nothin’ and I’m all out of ideas” <queue laughter> my friend, it you.

  7. If you’ve never made it before you think it must be difficult.

    Because your brain can’t even comprehend whats in it, even with zero exposure – OK this is natural. Yet you write it off – because you don’t know about it. This is not cool. What you’re really saying is ‘I don’t want to learn’ or ‘I don’t think I have the capability to learn anymore’. Keep your inquisitive mind, please. Your life and the world will be better for it. Complacency is a mother of a problem. Look around.





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