4 simple flavour tips


The biggest mistake I see people make when cooking and it’s easy to fix in 3 seconds. Follow these 4 simple flavour tips you can make to elevate your meals to status = delicious.





When it comes to cooking it pays to have guts. Worrying and second guessing every step you take isn’t going to get you anywhere.


The biggest mistake I see my clients make: they’re not ballsy enough with their flavour. Often times, an extra pinch of salt or squeeze of lemon will do the trick.

​And I know it’s hard. *cough cough* used to take me 3 hours to make a batch of corn fritters. This isn’t an exaggeration of time either. My friends would be pulling their hair out. I’ve had them kick me out of the kitchen before. How’d I end up teaching people how to cook? Read on.

​When you think of cooking, you may feel like you know such a small piece of the pie. And everything you DON’T KNOW is like a giant unclimbable mountain in front of you. 3 hour corn fritter Lou definitely felt like this. It felt like there was no possible way I’d ever be a capable confident cook. Like I was destined to follow a recipe step-by-step forevermore.

I dunno about you but working a big day and then coming home to read a set of instructions of my phone, having to unlock my phone, awkwardly picking it up between my thumb and index fingers because the rest of them are covered in food. To read the next step of the recipe and then forget it and come back to it. Over and over again. It’s exhausting.

Today I want to share 4 simple flavour tips to help you sparkle up your meals and bring some flavour. Here’s how it can work.​


Step 1: Make a pot of rice. The Gammo’s yellow rice is a great start.

Step 2: Add some poached chicken (you can apply these flavour tips to the chicken itself too).

Step 3: Add some veg. For this example, let’s keep it simple. Diced cucumbers, parsley and currants.

Step 4: Apply flavour tips.

Picky kids or picky partners?

​Add an element that they love. Croutons, crispy bacon, cheese, mayo, olives, nori.

Serve it on a big platter and let everyone serve themselves. Buy tiny tongs so everyone has their own to build their meal how they like.

That’s it for today. Remember, there’s only (on average) another 40,000-ish meals you’ve got to cook in your life. How bout we make them delicious?



4 simple flavour tips to make memorable meals

1. Build a Flavour Town compartment in your fridge

Think of this as your condiments…. BUT BETTER.

This is zero effort on your behalf, except opening the fridge – we can’t get any simpler than that…. until the transfer the clapping lights functionality to the clapping fridge door opening.


Cashew cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, cheddar, labneh.

Kimchi, sauerkraut, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, mustard, pickles, yogurt, coconut yoghurt.

Get yourself a Flavour Town list and build it up. I talk about this in my free recipe book Get Your Shit Together.


2. Toasted nuts, seeds, coconut

Toasted nuts, seeds and coconut bring TEXTURE. They bring CRUNCH. They bring NUTTINESS. They bring FLAVOUR.

Pop your oven on 180 degrees. Scatter on a tray and toast them up.

Coconut will be the fastest to make – about 5-7 minutes. Followed by sesame.

Make a batch on a Sunday and store them in a jar.

3. A quality olive oil

You’ll use less of it. It tastes magnificently different, adds flavour.

Look for a cold pressed one thats local to your area.

4. You have to start!

Don’t delay. Don’t wait for a rainy day or when you’ve got free time, because if you’re already avoiding the cooking… you’re going to avoid it forever.

Start now!

2 bonus tips

1. A squeeze of lemon

Or lime or grapefruit or any other citrus. Its acid and acid works in dishes to balance flavours – use it instead of adding vinegar.


2. Fresh fruit

This one goes well for salads, now that we’re coming into the warmer months I’m excited for adding stone fruit in my meals to balance out creamy and salty flavours (haloumi, I’m looking at you). There’s nothing like juicy peaches in a meal, or mango. Experiment with how you chop them up.


Hey I'm Lou

Hey, I’m Lou

Lover of crispy bacon, homemade popcorn and Mama to BJ.  I’m here to empower you to cook delicious and doable meals for the modern day – even when you’re busy.

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